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Would you like to create butterfly manicure with "sugar coat" effect?

In this short nail art book tutorial, you'll learn how to create sugar coat nails with butterfly decorations in a step-by-step manner with colorful pictures. If you haven't done butterflies of any kind, this is the beginners guide to do so. I'll show you line-by-line, curve-by-curve in order to create the butterfly you see in the cover photo of this book, as if I am holding your hand through the process.

Sugar coat nails is more of a product feature, than an actual technique, but it has a specific method of applying in order to look spectacular - as if you have poured sugar into the nails and it has this rough, rugged, beautiful structure - as if you have sugar on the nails.

You'll also learn how to create long lasting decorations. If you follow my instructions, this decoration could last 4+ weeks. Moreover, butterfly nails provide this fresh spring / summer look. So let's do some butterflies!

Grab your copy now!


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Butterfly Nail Art: How to Create Sugar Coat Nails with Butterflies?

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