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CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #6, The

Joe Biel
pubblicato da Microcosm Publishing

Prezzo online:

An intimate, never-seen-before examination of the life and death of Lee Harvey Oswald. Where other would-be Oswald biographies focus on the immediate events leading up to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, here we have a full and panoramic look at Oswald's short, conflicted, adventure-filled life. Using exclusive info and newly declassified documents, CIAMSFU #6 puts into perspective a richly-detailed version of the Oswald story, from birth in 1939 to his historic televised assassination. This is Lee Harvey Oswald the husband, the son, the brothera man whose personality profile differs wildly from the "Lee as lone-wingnut" theory crafted by the Warren Commission. Much of this info is seen here for the first time in printinfo that does much to humanize the controversial and polarizing man. As the zine states, the most interesting parts of Oswald's tale are what's missing in the storytelling of previous versions. Packed with interview text featuring figures as close to Oswald as his wife and mother, CIAMSFU #6 shows us Lee as a confused Marxist, an employee, a soldier, a lover, a people person, a trouble-starter, a world traveler, a show-off, even a "real cutie." This is a zine that tells us that while the events are from the past, the topics discussed are still heavily relevant. The tactics used by the government in this story are still being employed to this day; the lies and the propaganda are still being forced on us and will be so until we educate, fight, and change our way of thinking. Shocking, humanizingwhatever you take away from itthis is the most fascinating and fast-moving CIA zine to date. A great addition to this well-loved series.

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CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #6, The

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