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Capitalism: How our Social Organization Works

John Miller
pubblicato da Miller

Prezzo online:

The author, John Miller, gives you a testimony and information from a person who experienced things "from the inside" through his professional functions which led him to travel the world and see behind the scenes of our world of opulence. The presentation is like a conversation between the author and his granddaughter to whom he explains in a simple and clear way his point of view on capitalism. Because of this bias, technicality is absent from the book and some will therefore perhaps find it simplistic, simple to access, simple to understand, simple to read, simple in its presentation... In a world where money buys everything, where the media is almost all under the control of billionaires, it feels good to hear a discordant voice telling us that this model of which we are the have-nots is not as pleasant for all the world and that it is even essentially inhuman for the majority of human beings. The examples (experienced and sourced) follow one another to support the author's point of view and clearly demonstrate that the sacrosanct ***"law of the market"***kills a number of human beings every day much higher than the most dangerous of diseases

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Capitalism: How our Social Organization Works

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