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Carnivore Cooking for Cool Dudes

Brad Kearns - Brian McAndrew - William Shewfelt
pubblicato da Bradventures LLC

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The carnivore diet has emerged as an extremely compelling and scientifically validated strategy to drop excess body fat quickly, heal from assorted autoimmune, inflammatory, and leaky gut conditions, and dramatically elevate the nutrient density of your diet. While uncool naysayer dudes will dismiss the carnivore diet out of hand as crazy or even dangerous, these Cool Dudes will give you the straight scoop about the rationale for and benefits of eating sustainably-raised, nose-to-tail animal foods. This can be done with a strict protocol to address chronic ailments, or with a carnivore-ish strategy where certain less-offensive plant foods (e.g., fruit, dark chocolate, guacamole) are included in delicious recipes and snacks. This fun-loving but highly informative book will help you sort through the hype and misinformation about carnivore, and gain insights from some of the world's leading carnivore advocates like Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker. For example, with the intestinal microbiome widely regarded as the next frontier of health and medical science, you'll learn why a carnivore eating pattern can spark a dramatic reconstitution of gut bacteria and an improvement in damaged gut lining in only a few days. By restricting otherwise healthy plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, those with leaky gut or lectin sensitivity have experienced truly mind-blowing health improvements. What's more, the high satiety and easy compliance with carnivore can help you shed excess body fat quickly, without having to suffer from calorie restriction, extreme workouts and frequent backslides and burnout. The three Cool DudesBrad, Brian and Williamhealth experts who walk their talk, enjoy life, perform magnificent athletic feats fueled by meat, and are nice to their wives and strangers alike, give you everything you need to succeed in this award-winning book. You'll learn the right way to implement a nose-to-tail carnivore eating strategy featuring a strategic variety of sustainably raised animal foods like grassfed meat, pastured eggs, wild-caught seafood, and the true superfoods of the planet: liver and other nutrient-dense organ meats. You'll also pick up some cool fitness and lifestyle tips to help support your dietary transition instead of compromise it. Forget the hassle and complexity of typical cookbook offerings and enjoy 97 delicious, quick and easy carnivore-friendly recipes. Isn't it about time for you to become a lean, mean, athletic, smart, happy, tan cool dude? This book will help you get there, and have fun along the way.


Generi Gastronomia » Ricette » Carne » Cucina rapida

Editore Bradventures Llc

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 06/12/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781732674578

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Carnivore Cooking for Cool Dudes

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