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The easiest form of spellcasting because the energy is all around you. We live in a world of artificial light and energy. We have lost touch with the natural wheel of the year and our personal cycles within it. It is important that we reclaim these natural energies of life. This is the magick of the outdoors - be that urban balcony, parkland or snowy forest. It is the oldest form of magick and essentially the easiest form of spellcasting because all of the energies are around you. They will carry your wishes from thought to reality. I begin with a brief overview of spellcasting and magick for newcomers. Then, for more experienced witches, I have developed the natural themes through rituals and suggestions for enriching more formal practices. The book is entirely self-contained, though I do intend it as a companion to my Complete Book of Spells. this book is about everyday living as much as magick. If we can re-unite our minds and bodies back into harmony with the natural world, we open ourselves to a vast magickal powerhouse.

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Cassandra Easons

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