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Celtic Line Drawing - Simplified Instructions

Tom Sterling
pubblicato da Tom Sterling

Prezzo online:

Celtic Line Drawing - Simplified Instructions leads you step by step into the fascinating world of creating Celtic knots. Replete with sample drawings, templates and illustrated instructions, this simple but powerful and flexible approach will have you creating intricate plaitwork designs on paper in just minutes.

231 pages of instruction, eight fun and beautiful tutorials will help you quickly progress from elegant plaitwork to more spectacular designs that utilize Cutwork, Circles, Spirals and your own original creations!

The sky's the limit as you apply these simple principles to create amazing designs. Ideal for fine art, coloring books, mandalas, crafts, scrapbooking, journaling, woodburning, leather tooling or just amusing yourself with a pen and paper while waiting at the doctor's office.

Author's Note - This book is best viewed on electronic devices that support color. Many of the images and instruction figures and drawings may be more difficult to follow on devices that render images in grayscale or black and white. Apple iPad/iPhone/Mac users should download from the Apple link - Amazon Kindle Reader will not render this eBook correctly on Apple products.

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Celtic Line Drawing - Simplified Instructions

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