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How far would you go to protect your friends?

Will, Carl, Aiden and Darren are inseparable from the day they meet at school. The combination of Will's street smarts, Carl's brains, Aiden's loyalty and Darren's fearlessness mean they are a force to be reckoned with, and together they feel ready to take on the world.

But solidarity can't insure against tragedy, and when life tests the boys to their limits, slowly the four choose different paths as they take the step into adulthood.

Darren has always been the one to take chances, with a dangerous side that's a blessing and a curse. As the years pass by, Darren's schemes and mistakes start to weigh heavily on his friends. One fateful day, Will finally has to decide if friendship and loyalty are worth risking everything for.

Life doesn't always give you a second chance to make the right choice

This book was previously published as LAZY BLOOD.

What readers are saying about Chancer by Ross Greenwood:

'This book will blow you away.' White Books

'Funny, shocking, sad.'Reader's Select

'I can honestly say that this book had me hooked from the start.'

''I even found myself getting up at night just to read a few more chapters.'

'Really great read with strong characters, and an ending I didn't see coming!

'Miss this real page-turner at your peril.'

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