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pubblicato da Unicorn Publishing Group

Prezzo online:
69 punti carta PAYBACK
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David Cassidy was one of the biggest superstars in the 1970s. Selling millions of records and playing to record sell-out crowds around the world, he was more than just an idol for teenagers; he was for many their saviour. The first star to be mass-merchandised, he became a magnificent obsession in the 1970s for millions whose loyalty and devotion to him remains to this day. He represents a time in their lives when he and his music made them completely happy: this offers them the chance to say: Thank you David for the memories . This book presents a collection of heartfelt stories contributed by his colleagues, friends and fans in a deeply moving and inspiring compilation of memories. In a celebration of his life, they explain in their own words how David impacted on them, his influence and friendship and the lasting legacy of love he left. Contributing fans recall concert experiences, chance meetings, share precious keepsakes and explain how he made their world a brighter place. They share examples of his unfailing generosity, unexpected acts of kindness and how he made them feel important. Friends write with love and respect about David's immense talent as a musician and actor and why he is considered one of the greatest singers of all time. Contributors include Neil Sedaka, Richie Furay and Ron Bumblefoot Thal. Immerse yourself in these deeply moving memories which capture the innocence of teenage idolatry, travel with fans and friends through the decades and share with them the unbearable sorrow they felt with his death in November 2017.

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So colorful. . . . It is so entertaining. -- Goldmine A book that pays tribute not just to David, but to his fans around the world. . . . His loyal fans will never forget him or his music. This beautiful hardcover book is a testimony to that, with more than 250 full-colour pages of photographs, drawings, anecdotes, poems, tributes and more. It's a wonderful celebration of the life of a man who is loved, mourned and missed by family, friends, colleagues--and of course his fans. Their tributes make for fascinating reading. . . . Take a look--maybe your memory is in there, too. -- My Weekly


Generi Music & Entertainment » Music

Editore Unicorn Publishing Group

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 06/04/2020

Pagine 256

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781912690800

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