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Do you believe in ghosts? Or more to the point, do ghosts believe in you?

When you turn in your sleep, do you go creak in the night, and do the ghosts hear you?

When you snore in your darkest dreams, do the ghosts hear a mysterious monster and come gathering to see what manner of strange beast is keeping them awake?

When you break wind in your sleep, do the ghosts wrinkle their ghostly noses and declare, 'This is a beast from the stinkiest of swamps - take care!'

When you talk in your sleep, do the ghosts ask, 'What kind of gibberish gobbledygook is this ghoulish goblin gabbling?'

And do the ghosts gather, closer and closer, jostling to get a good look, peering into your face, poking your spots, picking your nose, lifting your eyelids in the hope, or fear, that you might wake?

Who's more afraid? You or them? I'm just the writer of this book, so leave me out of this. Except the ghosts have asked me to ask you -

Please don't do thatthing you did last night.

You know, that thing.

Because it was horrible. Icky. Yucky. And if you do it again tonight they will take a photo and post it on Ghostagram


Children's Ghost Stories is a retelling of classic tales by people who were alive when they were alive, and may be ghosts now they are dead. Washington Irving is quite famous, Charles Dickens more famous still But do their ghosts linger around the world of the living, to see how famous they are now?

Do their ghosts care how famous they are now?

Between you and me, shhhhh I bet they do!


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