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China's Media in the Emerging World Order

Hugo Burgh
pubblicato da Legend Press

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'I have fond memories of watching Hugo de Burgh handle the Chinese media and I can think of no one better qualified to tell us about a subject of ever-growing importance'
Boris Johnson, Prime Minster, United Kingdom

'An excellent, well-written and important survey which should be on the shelves of all those interested in China and in the media'
Alan MacFarlane, Professor of Anthropology, University of Cambridge

'Well written and a good access point particularly for students that have not previously been exposed to the Chinese media... I will definitely recommend it to my students'
Dr Pablo Morales, Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Leeds

China is challenging the mighty behemoths, Google and Facebook, and creating alternative New Media. 750 million people are active on its Social Mediascape and there are a billion mobile phones deploying the innovative apps with which the Chinese conduct their lives.

Though late starters, already four of the world's leading New Media companies are Chinese. China's old media - television, newspapers, radio - challenge the established powers which were long thought unassailable, such as CNN and BBC. Produced in many languages on every continent, they are re-defining the agenda and telling the story in China's way, with not just news and documentary series but also entertainment. The world's biggest manufacturer of TV drama is now making its stories for export.

China's Media tells you why and how. It investigates the Chinese media, their strengths and weaknesses and how they are different. from the West. This detailed and comprehensive guide aims to showcase their immense variety and diversity, and demonstrates how they came to be a powerful new force in the media world.

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