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**"Paints a telling portrait of this most restless generation raised in a system that has provided them with unprecedented personal opportunities while denying them political ones. . . . A gifted observer."Washington Post
"Informative and often humorous . . . Presents a refreshing range of perspectives about being twenty-something in China."Forbes
"Masterfully crafted."
**Los Angeles Review of Books
"A perceptive and quietly profound book."Booklist, starred review
"Compelling and beautifully written."Prospect

China's new youth are the generation that will change China. Offspring of the one-child policy, with no memory of Tiananmen, they are destined to transform both their nation and the world. Understanding their motivations, dreams, and attitudes is possibly the most important gauge of China's future direction as it plays an increasingly important role in shaping this century.

China's New Youth follows the lives of six young Chinese as they navigate their aspirations, discontents, politics, and love lives. Their stories include a netizen nationalist, a country migrant, the daughter of a Party member, a rising pop star, and a feminist entrepreneur. With intimate access to this diverse generation, Alec Asha young writer based in China since 2012gives a vivid, immersive, fascinating account of young China as it comes of age.

China's New Youth was originally published in hardcover until the title Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China. The new paperback edition has been updated with a new preface and afterword by the author and a new foreword by Karoline Kan.


Generi Politica e Società » Sociologia e Antropologia » Antropologia sociale e culturale, etnografia » Ideologie e Teorie politiche » Ideologie politiche , Storia e Biografie » Storia dell'Asia

Editore Arcade

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 02/06/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781950691722

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