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Chinese Fables and Folk Stories (Fables et histoires populaire chinoises)

by Nicolae Sfetcu
pubblicato da Nicolae Sfetcu

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Bilingual English/French Book (Livre bilingue anglais/fran├žais)
By (par) Mary Hayes Davis, Chow-Leung. Translator (Traducteur): Nicolae Sfetcu

It requires much study of the Oriental mind to catch even brief glimpses of the secret of its mysterious charm. An open mind and the wisdom of great sympathy are conditions essential to making it at all possible.
Contemplative, gentle, and metaphysical in their habit of thought, the Chinese have reflected profoundly and worked out many riddles of the universe in ways peculiarly their own. Realization of the value and need to us of a more definite knowledge of the mental processes of our Oriental brothers, increases wonderfully as one begins to comprehend the richness, depth, and beauty of their thought, ripened as it is by the hidden processes of evolution throughout the ages.
To obtain literal translations from the mental storehouse of the Chinese has not been found easy of accomplishment; but it is a more difficult, and a most elusive task to attempt to translate their fancies, to see life itself as it appears from the Chinese point of view, and to retell these impressions without losing quite all of their color and charm.
The "impressions," the "airy shapes" formed by the Oriental imagination, the life touches and secret graces of its fancy are at once the joy and despair of the one who attempts to record them.
It has been an accepted belief of the world's best scholars that Chinese literature did not possess the fable, and chapters in interesting books have been written on this subject affirming its absence. Nevertheless, while studying the people, language, and literature of China it was the great pleasure of the writer to discover that the Chinese have many fables, a few of which are published in this book.
As these stories, familiar in the home and school life of the children of China, show different phases of the character of a people in the very processes of formation, it is earnestly hoped that this presentation of them will help a little toward a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese character as a whole.


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Narrativa

Editore Nicolae Sfetcu

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 10/08/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9786060331285

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Chinese Fables and Folk Stories (Fables et histoires populaire chinoises)

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