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Chronic Illness and Disability

June Hunt
pubblicato da Aspire Press

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Why is this happening to me? You feel overlooked, deprived, even resentfulthese are the side effects of chronic illness your doctor failed to mention. Although you try to see the bright side, your outlook is often overcast by the chronic nature of your condition. While others appear to enjoy good health, you struggle for sensible answers. Like any loss, the loss of healthmust be grieved. Pulling from her experience as a caregiver and counselor, June Hunt compassionately takes you through the grieving process, showing you where to find comfort and answers in the Word of God. Enjoy getting biblical insight and practical advice from someone who "gets it."

Have you asked...
Why is this happening to me?
Is God punishing me? Has my sin brought on this condition?
If I have enough faith, will God heal me?
How can my life have purpose now?

Covering everything from anger and fear to loneliness and hopelessness, June Hunt begins the book with a "definition and characteristic" section which addresses the common feelings felt by those with a chronic illness or impairment.

Using the story of Joni Eareckson Tada as an example, June explains the 5 stages of sorrow and the common causes of bitterness that bubble up when facing chronic pain. Be encouraged as you see how the Lord helped Joni process her paralysis, her chronic pain, and even breast cancerand how He will help you. Experience the peace that comes from realizing that the emotions you feel are normal and experience the joy that comes from realizing the Lord's purpose behind the pain.

Whether you are personally facing a chronic illness or you know someone who is, enjoy getting biblical encouragement. Why Me? Get Chronic Illness Support from Someone Who Understands
June Hunt's last section, called "Steps to Solution," gives you practical advice on how to personally process, respond, and handle a chronic illness. Plus! It also includes practical suggestions for those who want to help those with a chronic illnessperfect for friends, family members, pastors, church leaders, caregivers, etc.


7 steps that will transform the way you view your illness or impairment
7 tips on what to do when you are first diagnosed
Easy-to-understand overview of your patient rights
How to track your treatment (and why you should)
Over 24 Do's and Don'ts friends and family should follow.

Common Questions Asked by Those with a Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain
You have questionsand no one seems to have the answers. Some accuse you of having some secret "un-confessed sin;" while others say you just need more faith. Enjoy getting easy-to-understand answers that are rooted in the Word of God and practical in their application. Using a question and answer format, June Hunt answers:

Why did this happen to me? Why would a loving God want me to suffer?
How can I ever be happy again?
Is it okay to pray for miraculous healing?
What's the difference between progressive healing and miraculous healing?
Could an illness be caused by spiritual warfare? Could it be a result of sin?
What is the truth about physical healing? If I truly follow Christ and pray with total faith, doesn't the Bile say I will be blessed with health, wealth, and problem-free living?

Even with a chronic health concern, you can experience the sooth balm of God's peace as you apply the biblical prescription for victorious living. And as you do, you can bring encouragement and hope to others who also need God's peace in the midst of pain.


Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Cristianesimo

Editore Aspire Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/02/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781628621471

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Chronic Illness and Disability

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