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Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain
Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain

Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain

by Wang Yun
pubblicato da Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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Mount Qingcheng, one of China's mystical mountains, has been the birth place of discovery, realization and preservation of the recipes that stimulate the deep potential of the human body for generations. This is the book of a Daoist master and spiritual guide Wang Yun as a young seeker and tells the tales of his inner journey which now guides the reader on a path of healing, rejuvenation and actualization of the body's innate potential. Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain brings Wang Yun's knowledge and wisdom to the West for the first time. * It serves as a guide to health and spiritual practices * including meditation and qigong exercises * based on centuries of Daoist knowledge and wisdom. * Through tales ranging from Daoist immortals to sleep-deprived salesmen, * this book offers guidance to support physical and mental wellbeing in this modern, stressful world. For a preview, exercise videos and more about the author:

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It's always good news when some Daoist wisdom is shared with the world. This practical teaching is useful for all: that is what I found in the book Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you will feel better with some Daoist practices, that is a fact! -- Serge Augier, heir of the Daxuan Daoist Tradition A valuable insight into the life and teachings of a modern-day Daoist meditation master living in Taiwan. Snippets of wisdom, instruction, and illustrative stories emphasize the potential of Daoist meditation. -- Cindy Engel PhD, author of Wild Health, and Qigong instructor


Generi Religion » Others Oriental Religions

Editore Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 21/08/2019

Pagine 240

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781787750760

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Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain

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