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Cold Hands
Cold Hands

Cold Hands

John Niven
pubblicato da Cornerstone

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Disponibile a partire dal 19/08/2020.
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You thought you could leave the past behind. Think again. Donnie Miller counts himself lucky. Living in a beautiful, spacious house in the wild and remote landscape of central Canada, he spends his days writing for the local newspaper, working on a film script, and acting as house-husband. After a troubled and impoverished upbringing in Scotland, he now has all he wants: a caring wife, a bright and happy son, a generous father-in-law. As the brutal northern winter begins to bite, he can sit back and enjoy life. But his peace is soon broken. There are noises in the nearby woods, signs of some mysterious watcher. When the family dog disappears, Donnie makes a horrifying discovery. Is it wolves, as the police suspect, or something far more dangerous, far darker? What secrets has Donnie been keeping? And why does he have the terrible sense that his dream was never going to last? A taut, shocking and visceral novel that will leave you gasping for breath, Cold Hands is the first thriller by the remarkable John Niven.

La nostra recensione

Cold Hands is certainly one of the year's smartest thrillers, as well as its most blood-soaked. * The List * A heart-racing page-turner of redemption and retribution... The book's twists and turns come to a cinematic, savage climax and it seems destined to join John's other books and be bought up for the big screen. * Sunday Mail, Scotland * [Niven has] a depth and empathy for his characters that few modern thrillers can match...The pace, dialogue and narrative voice are all pitch-perfect, and the flashback scenes of Donnie's childhood are frighteningly realistic. Niven proves himself expert at creating a sense of foreboding, and when all Donnie's worst fears come to pass, the author clearly uses his own experience as an occasional screenwriter to ramp up the tension to almost unbearable levels. A thriller that delivers on every level, Cold Hands is a fantastic change of style and pace for Niven. -- Doug Johnstone * Big Issue * Niven is a deft writer who pumps unease like gas into the space between what Donnie was and what he has become...[a] gripping piece of work. * Guardian * Perhaps the most cleverly constructed and incendiary thriller I've ever read. The great books in this genre take you on an emotional roller-coaster, but the best, like this one, also have you trampling through a moral minefield. * Irvine Welsh *


Generi Literature & Fiction » Modern Fiction

Editore Cornerstone

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 15/07/2014

Pagine 336

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780099592143

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Cold Hands

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