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Sylar just wanted to impress the guys. It wasn't until everything blew up that he figured he should rethink things.

So he fibbed a little. Maybe he didn't acutally have a girlfriend in the Colonies. So what

Now, as Sylar careens out of control in a makeshift space craft, surfing a wave of debris, he's really starting to rethink some of his life choices.

Colony Girl is a short story set in the Citadel Universe.

This is a quick, fast readsomething you can enjoy in a single sitting but think about for the rest of your week. If you enjoy this story you'll love the rest of Kevin Tumlinson's workincluding his popular science fiction series Citadel and his contemporary fantasy series Sawyer Jackson. You will also enjoy his standalone novels, such as his incredibly popular contemporary scifi thriller, Evergreen.


"[Kevin Tumlinson] is what every writer should beentertaining and thought-provoking."
Shana Tehan, Press Secretary, U.S. House of Representatives

"There was something so fascinating about [Citadel] and the cast of characters [Kevin Tumlinson] put together."
Leah Petersen, Author of Fighting Gravity

"I discovered Kevin Tumlinson from The Creative Penn podcast and immediately got his novel, Evergreen. I read it in like 3 seconds. It's the most fast paced story I've encountered."
R.D. Holland, Independent Reviewer

"[Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land] was a great read! I love these style of booksmagic, science fiction, alternate reality. I couldn't put it down."
S., Independent Reviewer**


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantascienza

Editore Happy Pants Books

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 20/10/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781536526493

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Colony Girl

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