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Communicating Space Exploration - Fulvio Drigani
Communicating Space Exploration - Fulvio Drigani

Communicating Space Exploration

Fulvio Drigani
pubblicato da Springer International Publishing

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This book offers an enlightening analysis of the ways in which the communication of space explorations has evolved in response to political and social developments and the availability of new media and communication tools. Important challenges to effective communication are discussed, including the diversity of audiences, the risks associated with space missions, and continuing skepticism about the benefits of space research despite the many associated day-to-day applications. In addition, future trends in communication are examined with reference to likely trends in space exploration over the coming century. Besides space communication for the public, the need for targeted messaging to each group of stakeholders decision makers, media, opinion leaders, the scientific community, and industry is analyzed in detail. A series of case studies of particular space missions, both successful and unsuccessful, is presented to illustrate key issues. The book has significant implications for the communication of science in general and will be of interest to a wide audience, including space scientists, science communication professionals, people fascinated by exploration and discovery, stakeholders, and educators.

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Communicating Space Exploration

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