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Conqueror (Leopards of Normandy 3)

David Churchill
pubblicato da Headline

Prezzo online:

From the co-author of the No.1 bestselling Wilbur Smith novel, War Cry

The Leopards of Normandy trilogy concludes as Duke William prepares to take England, and his rivals, by storm. This real-life game of thrones lead to the defining the moment of English history: Hastings, 1066, and is a must-read for fans of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett**.**

'An exciting mix of medieval betrayal, violence and sex' Wilbur Smith

It began with a promise. It will end at Hastings.

William of Normandy, sworn heir to the English throne, is no longer the boy Duke but a loyal and proven warrior. Few dare challenge him, but England is an irresistible prize.

The handsome, ambitious Harold Godwinson and the Viking Hardrada are both determined to stake a claim. William faces his greatest ever battle: deny his own destiny or conquer the land he was born to rule.

History will be written in the blood of those who fall.

Readers love The Leopards of Normandy trilogy

**'**A wonderful end to a magnificent trilogy'

'I now know where Game of Thrones got most of its plot from'

'Well written, compelling, action, good characters - you name it - this is seriously worth reading!'

'History brought vividly to life'

'Wonderful storytelling and historical detail'

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Conqueror (Leopards of Normandy 3)

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