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Readers really do judge books by its cover. It's frequently the first thing that a reader encounters. Maybe the last, if its not compelling.

A beautiful cover isn't enough. If the cover doesn't suit your story, if it doesn't instantly convey the correct genre and tone, doesn't re-enforce your author brand, it will do you more harm than good.

This book isn't to teach you how to create your own covers. Instead, it's to help you learn about covers, learn about design, learn about genre and tone.

Topics include:

  • Knowing Your Genre
  • Using Fonts
  • Elements of a Cover
  • Paper Book Covers

If you are a new publisher just starting out, or an experienced hand who woke up one morning and discovered that the old tricks didn't work anymore, this book is for you.

The Business for Breakfast series contains bite-sized business advice. This is a 201 level book, with intermediate-level advice for the professional.

Be sure to read all the books in this series!


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Covers for the Professional Publisher

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