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In the House of the Dead he has been given a name. That name is Wakim, but Wakim knows that this name is not his true name not the name that he carried with him in life. Wakim has been commanded by his master Anubus to find and destroy The Prince Who Was A Thousand. Wakim leaves the House of the Dead intent on carrying out his mission to destroy The Prince Who Was A Thousand, but he has a second, personal find his true name. And if he does Wakim cannot even imagine how that will change everything...
Roger Zelazny was a science fiction and fantasy writer, a six time Hugo Award winner, and a three time Nebula Award Winner. He published more than forty novels in his lifetime. His first novel This Immortal, serialized in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction under the title "...And Call Me Conrad," won the Hugo Award for best novel. Lord of Light, his third novel, also won the Hugo award and was nominated for the Nebula award. He died at age 58 from colon cancer. Zelazny was posthumously inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2010.

"A storyteller without peer. He created worlds as colorful and exotic and memorable as any our genre has ever seen." George R.R. Martin
". . . his performance was never anything other than dazzling." Robert Silverberg
"Roger Zelazny's work excited me. It was intoxicating and delightful and unique. And it was smart." Neil Gaiman

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Creatures of Light and Darkness

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