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Cromwell Stone
Cromwell Stone

Cromwell Stone

by Andreas
pubblicato da Titan Books Ltd

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67 punti carta PAYBACK
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Collects Andreas' classic Cromwell Stone trilogy in English for the first time ever. Cromwell Stone is one of thirteen men who lived though a mysterious sea voyage. Now his fellow survivors are disappearing in unusual and unnerving ways. He sets out to solve the mystery, and finds himself caught up in a much bigger and stranger story.

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Compelling beyond belief ... a superb horror story from a criminally under-regarded creator - Comics Review This graphic novel spreads madness for it gives readers a glimpse at the divine ... If you are brave enough to try and uncover the monsters, then you will be rewarded with an amazing idiosyncrasy from one of the world's best comics creators - New York Journal of Books Mind-bending and dread-inducing ... an engaging and enjoyable horror story - But Why Tho An utterly intriguing, beguiling read ... Andreas creates a world all his own, with enough intrigue and twists to ensure readers become immersed in the story, vividly brought to life by striking black-and-white hatchworked illustrations ... a warped and fabulously esoteric universe that fans of the weird will enjoy exploring - Exquisite Terror Some of the most astonishingly lovely artwork I've come across in the twenty-five years I've been reading comics - Geek Syndicate A dark, somber, thoroughly engrossing horror story - Donovan's Literary Review


Generi Literature & Fiction » Graphic Novels

Editore Titan Books Ltd

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 26/11/2019

Pagine 112

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781785868887

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Cromwell Stone

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