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This is a book of poetry and images of the natural beauty that surrounds us and on the flow and rhythms of life. You will find reflections on nature, the environment, sustainability and the effects of climate change that disturbs and threatens our way of life. Experience the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, the magnificence of the Himalayas and the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Travel to the Sundarbans in Bengal and experience life in the world's largest river delta. Spend some time in Venice at the confluence of history.

Find the poetry in our ordinary daily lives, which can be elevated to incredible heights when we connect with the consciousness of the universe. All knowledge is structured in the Consciousness which is part of universal energy. Consciousness flows into us dancing in tune with our individual vibrations and the jazz and rhythms of the incredible variety of life. We are a part of the energy fields that surround us; the energy of the sun, gravitation, magnetic fields and climatic forces. If we learn to synchronize ourselves with the energy that surrounds us, vibrate in unison, we can achieve mental and physical union with the forces that created us, the ultimate yoga.

So, why do we destroy the very forces that sustain us? Do we not realize that we are also a part of the same energy and life force? It is the universal force that manifests itself in the perfection of a flower, the shape of a fern leaf, in the formation of mountains or the brush strokes of beautiful coastlines washed by the oceans. There is rhythm and poetry in all that we see and experience in the short time that we dance on our beautiful planet. However, we still retain our animal consciousness. This leads to conflicts and ultimately their resolution led by people who have reached higher levels of consciousness. In this book, you will find significant events that changed the course of the world such as the fall of the Berlin Wall. You will find poetry on evolved beings such as musician George Harrison. Shortsighted greed, power games and mindless destruction of our natural treasures lead to our own atrophy and extinction. You will find reflections on such issues as corporate, personal and societal conflicts that can only be addressed through evolution to a higher level of consciousness. So, let us glide on the thermals and float into an exciting inner journey, compare thoughts and dance with the flow of time.


Generi Ambiente e Animali » Cani Gatti e altri Animali » Animali, altri titoli

Editore Tellwell Talent

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 20/03/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780228826248

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Dancing With the Flow of Time

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