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For men contemplating being with one woman for the rest of your life, as well as being surrounded by small imitations of yourself that make all your own flaws really obvious to you and everyone else, this little book attempts to give you a few tips I picked up as I bumbled down the path of fatherhood, barking my shins along the way.

It's a quick and light-hearted look at what really happens in a man's life when he becomes a father, the things that don't get talked about at pre-natal classes. Where other books for dads might discuss the details of what happens in the second trimester, this book delves into issues that really matter to the man, such as:
- dealing with a pregnant partner
- getting ready for the arrival of the child
- getting through the birth
- coping with the immense pressure of parenting
- making the big decisions about money, houses, schools, religion
- getting your sex life back
- maintaining a loving relationship with your partner
- being a good father.

This is not a serious book, but it will give you a laugh while opening your eyes to just how different your life is going to be when you become Dad.

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