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Day Trading For Dummies

Ann C. Logue
pubblicato da Wiley

Prezzo online:

Conquer the markets and become a successful day trader

Day trading is a fast-paced, sometimes risky form of investment. Day Trading For Dummies gives you the information you need to get started with this quick-action form of trading for income and maintain your assets. Learn how the market works, how to read and predict price movements, and how to minimize your loss potential, so you can manage your money strategically and create your day trading plan. Expert author Ann Logue will set you on the path to success, showing you the techniques successful day traders use to profit. This new edition covers crypto, AI, meme stocks, new trading options, and the latest strategies. By following market indicators and doing the essential research, you can avoid making critical mistakes and instead make smart trades that earn money.

  • Learn the basics of how the stock market works and master the concepts specific to day trading
  • Understand the risks involved in fast-paced day trading and maximize your profit potential without going broke
  • Discover new methods and ideas, including cryptocurrency trading and FOMO risk
  • Earn income and get tips for minimizing your tax bill at the end of the year

Day Trading For Dummies will teach you a lot about day trading in only a little time. Beginning to intermediate investors will love this jargon-free guide to deciding if day trading is for you and making the best money you can.

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Day Trading For Dummies

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