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Dead Man's Hand - Brad Taylor
Dead Man's Hand - Brad Taylor

Dead Man's Hand

Brad Taylor
pubblicato da Bloomsbury Publishing

Prezzo online:

The gripping new thriller by New York Times bestselling author Brad Taylor. Pike Logan investigates a threat to a key European ally and discovers a secret that could lead to world annihilation.

To finally end the war between their nations, a band of Ukrainian partisans known as the Wolves team up with members of Russia's military intelligence to try to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

But Putin is aware of the traitors in his midst. Loyal head of the National Guard, Victor Petrov, is expected to neutralise the threat - after he prevents Sweden from joining NATO by assassinating a key Swedish politician.

After receiving intelligence about a threat to Sweden, the U.S. sends Pike Logan to identify Victor's target- only for him to get caught in the crossfire between Russian agents and the Wolves. Pike must follow a trail across Europe to find the answers he needs.

Though Pike believes the Wolves' mission justified, he discovers their operation has unimaginable consequences. The Dead Man's Hand nuclear response, a relic of the Cold War, is still operational - and Russia's missiles will be launched in the event of the president's death...

The latest explosive thriller former Special Forces officer Brad Taylor, perfect for fans of Lee Child, Jack Ryan, and David Baldacci.

'Pike Logan is a feisty, devil-may-care hero.' Steve Berry
'Pike ranks right up there with Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher and Jack Bauer.' John Lescroart

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Dead Man

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