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The acclaimed author of The Great Railway Bazaar takes a revealing journey through the Southern US in a "vivid contemporary portrait of rural life" (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Paul Theroux has spent decades roaming the globe and writing of his experiences with remote people and far-flung places. Now, for the first time, he turns his attention to a corner of Americathe Deep South. On a winding road trip through Mississippi, South Carolina, and elsewhere below the Mason-Dixon, Theroux discovers architectural and artistic wonders, incomparable music, mouth-watering cuisineand also some of the worst schools, medical care, housing, and unemployment rates in the nation.

Most fascinating of all are Theroux's many encounters with the people who make the South what it isfrom preachers and mayors to quarry workers and gun show enthusiasts. With his astute ear and penetrating mind, Theroux once again demonstrates his "remarkable gift for getting strangers to reveal themselves" in this eye-opening excursion into his own country (The New York Times Book Review).

"Paul Theroux's latest travel memoir had me at helloTheroux pulls no punches in his quest to understand this overlooked margin of American life." Boston Globe


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Deep South

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