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Deluxe Steamy Alien Romance Collection

Enid Titan
pubblicato da Enid Titan Romance

Prezzo online:

10 steamy science fiction romance novels. A 10 book alien romance anthology plus an extra novel.


Stolen from my home.

Trapped on a giant spaceship.

Taken by the Prince of an alien species I never knew existed.

He's more than a man in so many ways.But I can't let myself fall under the telepath's spell.


I shouldn't fantasize about his long black hair and twisted horns.

His lime-green eyes

His forceful lips

Or the immense equipment dangling between his legs.

I have to be sensible I have to escape.


Ramses. Funny name for a bloke.

I should have known what he really was.

I shouldn't fantasize about his rock hard muscleshis thick hornshis black eyes, or those sensual fangs

I can't help myself if he's the hottest beast I've ever wanted in my bed.

First Contact Captives: VIDAR

She can't help but think that this creature is more than what he seems

That he understands her better than she realizes

That he's more than a terrifying extra-terrestrial

Lust takes hold of her the moment they're alone.

A desire she felt was impossible

A desire she knows is wrong

First Contact Captives: KRONOS

His spaceship crashed in Alaska

He's stranded in the bitter cold on Earth.

When the blue-skinned Devoran alien, Kronos, falls to earth,he encounters a gun-toting country girl, Jess, in the Alaskan wilderness.

He saves her life and lust explodes between them

First Contact Captives: SOREN

The urge to mate with his subject, the beautiful blue-haired Nadia, is too strong.

He needs to have her, to claim her, to mate her...

Nadia has fallen in love with monsters before...

But none like Soren.

He has a tongue that brings her to her knees...

A rigid trunk between his legs that drives her wild...

Horns to grab onto...

And a tail that makes her want to do ALL the bad things at once...

Clans of Antarea Trilogy (Pregnant For The Blue Alien Savage King, Baby For The Blue Alien Savage King, Mated To The Blue Alien Savage King)

A horde of savage aliens annexes our planet.

The leader?

The blue alien king Leofric, a towering mass of muscle and cold authority.

He demands a tribute: me, my body, my womb.

I won't give inHe can take my body, but he'll never have my heart.

Can a powerful king like Leofric ever take no for an answer?

Symbiont: An Alien Time Travel Romance

An alien fell through time to Earth, 2020 where he met the physicist about to discover time travel.

Bay Mackie isn't your typical physicist.

Armed with combat boots, a killer glare, and fishnet tights, when she meets the time-traveling alien, Zel, she knows exactly what to do...

Follow him on his adventures through space and time.

She can always defend her Ph.D. thesis when she gets back

The bonus story is an alien romance SURPRISE. Each story is steamier than the last and will leave you wanting more.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa » Fantascienza

Editore Enid Titan Romance

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 30/08/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393603405

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Deluxe Steamy Alien Romance Collection

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