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Can Anna rescue her friends before it's too late?

In gripping mystery Destroyer Angel, Nevada Barr transports you once again to the wild and dangerous landscapes of America's National Parks. Perfect for fans of Paul Doiron and Janet Evanovich.

'Nature's combination of awesome beauty and brutal terror are strikingly portrayed in Nevada Barr's mysteries' - Seattle Times

After a summer fighting wildfire, US Park Ranger Anna Pigeon sets off on a camping trip to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. With her are four women: Heath, Leah and their two teenage daughters. For Heath, who is paraplegic, it is the chance to test out a new, cutting edge line of outdoor equipment, designed by Leah to make the wilderness more accessible to disabled campers.

On their second night, Anna takes a canoe out on the Fox River but when she returns, she finds that a band of kidnappers, armed with rifles, pistols and knives, has taken the group hostage. With limited resources and no access to the outside world, it is up to Anna to track them across the treacherous landscape and rescue her friends before it is too late...

What readers are saying about Destroyer Angel:

'This book drew me in from early on and I was gripped throughout. The characterisation was spot on'

'Wow this book I couldn't put it down!... intriguing and fast paced'

'What a ride! The suspense is "edge of your seat"'

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Destroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 18)

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