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Developing Your Sixth Sense

Stuart Wilde
pubblicato da G&D Media

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Most of us go through life experiencing only the material world, using our five physical senses - and not to their full potential, at that. But on rare occasions, we will catch a glimpse of the hidden, mysterious aspect of our existence, a flash of insight or inspiration received through the sixth sense.

What we call "the sixth sense" is a natural, intuitive state of higher consciousness and spiritual awareness, a special power of inner knowing and psychic ability. Everyone has it, although it lies dormant in most people. But if nurtured and developed - a process easier than one might think - the sixth sense can be awakened, honed, and used to achieve greater joy and understanding in every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your financial affairs.

In Developing Your Sixth Sense, world-renowned author and lecturer Stuart Wilde will show you practical ways to tap into this profound ability to improve the quality of your life's journey. You will learn:

  • Seven levels of supersensory communication.
  • How to win people over and discover the real meanings behind their words.
  • How to control your etheric body.
  • An action plan for creating your own luck.
  • How to be a powerhouse of creativity.
  • Energy patterns for loving relationships.
  • The ESP of easy money.
  • A system for recognizing "types" of people and avoiding the demands they can place on you.
  • How to open and energize your chakras for healing.
  • Why it's important not to interfere.
  • How to protect yourself from negative energy.
  • Techniques for communicating with other realms of existence.
  • And much more... an infinite adventure.

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Developing Your Sixth Sense

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