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Did You Hide the Cookies?

Judith Allen Shone
pubblicato da FriesenPress

Prezzo online:

One day there is a diagnosis. And in that instant, you become a caregiver. Now what?

Unexpectedly, Judith Allen Shone begins the journey of an unprepared and terrified caregiver when her aging loved one is diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. In her mid-seventies and alone, she longs for assistance as she navigates the realm of Alzheimer's to find information, resources, services, and counseling.

Following the challenges that begin in "Is There Any Ice Cream?," the stories in "Did You Hide the Cookies?" reflect candid and personal experiences with later stages of Alzheimer's disease. Shone faces demands and heartaches that ravage and exhaust her spirit as her love's memories continue to fade, anxiety attacks increase, and COPD closes in on his lungs.

Become immersed in Shone's world as she seeks to dispel the misconceptions surrounding her love's fatal diseases. Even while she eases apprehensions and encourages caregivers to find lifelines, she cannot hide the desperation she feels when, after eight years, caregiving begins to extract an emotional and physical toll. Shone finally experiences heart wrenching conflict when her love's name is added to the crisis list, moving him toward finding residence in a long-term care facility.

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Did You Hide the Cookies?

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