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Digital PR
Digital PR

Digital PR

Danny Whatmough
pubblicato da Emerald Publishing Limited

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Digital changes everything. That's a truth that has played out across industries the world over. And PR is a perfect example of an industry that has been forced to transform. Across every PR discipline, from media relations and content creation through to social media and influencer marketing, digital has changed traditional PR techniques and ushered in a whole new wave of specialisms that previously did not exist. This book acts as a guide to this era of transformation. It's a manual that summaries the trends affecting our industry. It examines the techniques that have changed and also investigates some of the new approaches that are starting to emerge. It poses the questions that modern PR practitioners need to ask, whether working in-house or in an agency, and will be equally relevant for those studying PR or coming into the industry as it will those who are hardened professionals facing a future that looks significantly different to the tried and tested approaches of the past. This is a book about opportunity. A book that shines a light on how adoption of data, audience planning and creativity, seen through a digital lens, can transform an industry, making it more relevant and necessary that ever before. It's a celebration of the power of earned media in a world where we are, as consumers of media, increasingly shunning interruptive marketing and looking for connection and true engagement.

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'At a time of massive change for the communications industry this is a must-have look at what is now possible with PR in digital form. It shows how data has transformed an impressionistic art into something much more akin to a disciplined science - without losing the capacity for magic that PR has always had.' -- Mark Lund, CEO, McCann World Group 'An engaging and comprehensive explanation of how to deal with the impact of digital on day to day PR. Whatmough communicates the complexity, scale and consequences of digital in easily accessible prose, combing it with tips and techniques to make the most of its potential. A must-read for all practitioners trying to work out how to effectively adapt to the digital world in their practice.' -- Lee Edwards, Associate Professor, Media and Communications at LSE 'If it can be digitised, it will be digitised - and everything can be digitised. PR is no exception, and it's happening far faster than many pros realise. This is your road map, travel guide and instruction manual; keep it handy!' -- David Gallagher, President, Omnicom PR 'With digital being such a big part of everything PR, Danny Whatmough's new book comes at the perfect time. Digital PR is a well written manual that covers the numerous specialisms offered by a successful PR agency today, and how that has changed an industry build on a generalist model. Informative and persuasive, passionate without being preachy, Danny's book is a must read for PR veterans and new joiners alike.' -- Candace Kuss, Director of Social Media, Hill+Knowlton Strategies


Generi Business & Economics » Sales & Marketing

Editore Emerald Publishing Limited

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 13/11/2018

Pagine 192

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781787566224

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Digital PR

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