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Dismantling Green Colonialism

pubblicato da Pluto Press

Prezzo online:

'A thought-provoking book which empowers its readers to think about the problems in systematic, transformative ways' Fadhel Kaboub, President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

'A much-needed decolonial examination of the climate crisis' Nnimmo Bassey, author of To Cook a Continent

'Groundbreaking ... offers a timely, acute analysis of what a just transition might mean for the region' Laleh Khalili, author of Sinews of War and Trade

The Arab region is a focus of world politics, with authoritarian regimes, significant fossil fuel reserves and histories of colonialism and imperialism. It is also the site of potentially immense green energy resources.

The writers in this collection explore a region ripe for energy transition, but held back by resource-grabbing and (neo)colonial agendas. They show the importance of fighting for a just energy transition and climate justice exposing policies and practices that protect global and local political elites, multinational corporations and military regimes.

Covering a wide range of countries from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to Egypt, Sudan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine, this book challenges Eurocentrism and highlights instead a class-conscious approach to climate justice that is necessary for our survival.

Hamza Hamouchene is a London-based Algerian researcher and activist. He is the North Africa Programme Coordinator at the Transnational Institute (TNI). His books include The Arab Uprisings and The Struggle for Energy Democracy in the Maghreb. He writes for various publications including the Guardian, HuffPost and openDemocracy. Katie Sandwell is a Programme Coordinator with the Transnational Institute. She is co-author of From Crisis to Transformation: What is Just Transition?

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Dismantling Green Colonialism

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