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A new memoir from the #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and top 10 USA Today bestselling author of The Dog Lived (And So Will I)"e;A literary masterpiece! Teresa Rhyne writes from the heart and soul... This is a must read not only for dog lovers, but for anyone with a passion for animals."e; - Shannon Keith, Founder and President of the Beagle Freedom ProjectWe rescue dogs and bring them into our lives...and often they rescue us in return. What would cause a cheese-loving, meat-eating lawyer to become a vegan? Her dog. Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer, Teresa vows to fight again. She finds better food for Seamus, and a plant-based diet becomes her own guide, but she realized that's not enough for her-and it's not enough for the animals. As she searches for a more compassionate lifestyle, she struggles to find her place somewhere between a hypocrite in leather high heels and a hippie in a hemp skirt, all while coping with the threat of Seamus slipping away.When she encounters two other dogs who need help, including one rescued from animal testing, turning away seems impossible after everything she's discovered. Will turning her life upside down to rescue two more beagles be the best medicine for everyone?An honest, funny book about dogs, relationships and surviving life's challenges with humor and grace is perfect for fans of Marley and Me, The Middle Place and A Dog's Purpose will love this touching memoir.Other books by Teresa Rhyne: The Dog Lived (And So Will I): The sad, honest, hilarious memoir of a cancer survivor The #1 New York Times bestsellerThe #1 Wall Street Journal bestsellerUSA Today bestseller*The first month's sales of The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I) went to benefit the Beagle Freedom Project*What readers are saying about The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I):"e;an ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL portrayal of a passionate, zealous woman and the dogs (and man) she adores."e; "e;honest to a fault and totally likable!"e;"e;honest, candid, and filled with life infusing humor."e;"e;laughter, tears & of course BEAGLES!!!"e;What reviewers are saying about The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I): "e;... a love letter to our animals, to who they are and who they make us want to be. She also reminds us of what her beagles always knew; love deeply, move forward, and never turn down a snack."e; - Quinn Cummings, author of The Year of Learning Dangerously and Pet Sounds "e;With Teresa's characteristic intelligence, humor, and intensity...This book will change you...and you'll have Teresa to thank."e; - Linda Sherman-Nurick, Cellar Door Books, Riverside, CA"e;... an enthralling and heart-warming story of extending the compassion we have for dogs to all animals..."e; - Jenny Brown, Founder and Executive Director, Woodstock Animal Farm Santuary and author of The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals What reviewers are saying about The Dog Lived (And So Will I):"e;This poignant and fastmoving proof that even a hardcharging lawyer is no match for a bighearted beagle."e; -Martin Kihn, author of Bad Dog (A Love Story) "e;...encouraging tale of finding love and love in unexpected places..."e;-Publishers Weekly"e;A book that dares to be honest and sad and hilarious all at once."e;-Susan Conley, author of The Foremost Good Fortune"e;Funny, smart, uplifting, and fun, The Dog Lived (and So Will I) reminds us that animals are among our best teachers, our most powerful healers, and our most steadfast friends. I loved it!"e;-Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig


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Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I)

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