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ENTJ Wisdom From The Top: Victorious ENTJs Share Their Thoughts On Leadership, Business, Wealth and Success

by Dan Johnston
pubblicato da Dan Johnston

ENTJs may be the "Type A" personality if there was one, with "A" standing for accomplishment. ENTJs are disciplined and competitive; they possess a unique blend of social skills, determination, creativity, and logical decision-making.

ENTJs are goal-oriented, drawn to positions of leadership, and find great enjoyment in creating something new. They also have an excellent understanding of people and one of the most accurate understandings of human nature. This combination of personal values and abilities is one reason ENTJs are so successful as business executives and leaders.

Driven by a desire to grow and to succeed, many ENTJs have an unrelenting energy and determination to reach their goals. They're persistent in their approach and consistent in their decision-making. Most ENTJs would agree with the phrase "slow and steady wins the race"except for the slow part.

As employers, ENTJs aren't always empathetic or kind, and yet they always strive to be fair and consistent in how they treat people. They won't sugar coat anything, but they will always strive to be fair, and reward and punish people based on their performance.

ENTJs love a challenge and are always up for taking educated risks. ENTJs are disciplined and excellent money managers. They are great at personal finance and rarely run into trouble. They believe in following the rules and are happy to pay their taxeseven if their share tends to be higher than most other types.
For an ENTJ, life is about achievement, growth, and personal character.

If you are an ENTJ, this book is an opportunity for you to learn from some of the most famous and successful people who share your personality type. Indulge yourself in this collection of over 200 fun, inspiring, and thought-provoking quotes from famous ENTJs who share the same strengths and weaknesses as you do. Inside you'll find insights into relationships, creativity, work, happiness and money.

The quotes are broken into seven categories:
-Famous ENTJs on Happiness and The Meaning of Life
-Famous ENTJs on Family and Friends
-Famous ENTJs on Business and Money
-Famous ENTJs on Work, Career and Education
-Famous ENTJs on Government and Religion
-Famous ENTJs on Love, Relationships, Romance and Sex
-Famous ENTJs on Healthy Living, Travel, Youth, and Everything Else

What better way to learn about success than from successful people who share your same core personality type?


Generi Psicologia e Filosofia » Psicologia , Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Lavoro » Carriere e professioni: consigli

Editore Dan Johnston

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 12/03/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310404054

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ENTJ Wisdom From The Top: Victorious ENTJs Share Their Thoughts On Leadership, Business, Wealth and Success

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