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EVE'S DIARY By Mark Twain

In Eve's Diary by Mark Twain, the first woman on earth wrote a diary about her life in the Garden of Eden. The story is based on a mythical biblical creation, and most of the events of Eve's Diary are the same, although the short story seems to be a telling of Adam and Eve from Eve's point of view. But the diary has a deep meaning hidden beneath the surface. After reading it a time or two, it might be thought that this covert message would have something to do with sexism and gender equality because Adam didn't treat Eve kindly when she tried to befriend him. In fact, the story focuses on the differences in world views for children and adults.

At the beginning of the diary, Eve wrote about her feelings for the first time coming to the world and what she noticed around her when she described what she saw in the world and what she thought about it was absurd. Naive and ignorant at once In one example, when Eve describes the Moon, she says, "Last night, the moon slipped and slipped and left the project." Our vision because the world is constantly spinning Eve, speaking, this fact shows that she knows almost nothing about the world and is representative of modern children. Now, as children, people care about everything and try to figure out what would happen if this happened. This is similar to Eve in all respects, as she has performed a number of experiments to see what is done, even if it is dangerous, such as when she sets a fire and burns herself. As much of the story revolves around Eve, the main meaning focuses on the "child" perspective.

On the contrary, Adam, the first human on earth, thought very different from Eve. When she initially tried to be his friend, he accepted her friendship. But later tried to avoid her and didn't treat her well. This appears to be sexism. But the truth is, Adam can't stand his eagerness to know everything, and how can she be interested in all the details of the world? In the short story, Adam was a little older than Eve because in the construction of Eve was made of Adam's rib. That means that Adam has seen a lot of things all over the world and that her excitement is no longer relevant. This relationship is comparable with adults and infants. To a child, everything is a mystery, just as Eve sees the world, and he or she wants to try to understand everything around him, either by gazing deeply at it or by physical experimentation. However, the adult is similar to that of Adam. They saw almost everything they could do in the world and it made them bored. Whenever a child accidentally tries to play with an adult or acts stupid, the elderly are often annoyed or not understand why babies are so incredibly weird, which is why Adam tried to avoid Eve.

In Eve's Diary, details of the world from most of Eve's perspective and examples of the world from Adam's point of view show the differences between children and adults. While the child believes everything is interesting and waits to be explored. But adults think the world is a boring place and cannot see why babies are fascinated by anything. However, the hidden themes are more than just contrasts. But since most diaries are from Eve's point of view or "child" perspective, Mark Twain tends to show how children should keep their faith in exploring the unknowns of the world. Life often begins with an interest in many things, as the world is a new place and the surroundings are interesting. Despite this, people tend to lose this interest as they grow up and life soon seems to be boring. However, there is always something interesting in the world, as Nina Dobrev said, "Even if you grow up, you shouldn't stop having fun."


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Dizionari e Enciclopedie » Opere di consultazione , Hobby e Tempo libero » Umorismo » Libri per ridere e collezioni umoristiche

Editore Maddox Classic Publisher

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 18/08/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230004135807

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