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The 1392 A.D. for Sardinia is a turning point because in the Giudicato of Arborea, approximately the current province of Oristano, was promulgated the Carta de Logu, a collection of laws of value constitution, We would say today, that in fact anticipated the idea of the State of law when the concept of medieval dominus was still undisputed.

To make this juridical document unique, in addition to its innovative content and form (it was written in Sardinian vernacular to be understood by all, including the uneducated), was also its author, a woman, Giudicessa Eleonora of Arborea, only woman to have led one of the Giudicati (vassal kingdoms) in which Sardinia was divided before the definitive Aragonese invasion of the fifteenth century.

Eleanora of Arborea was undoubtedly a unique woman for her time, able to assert itself in a purely masculine world and to stand up to the king of Aragon for all his life, so much so as to become for the Sardinians of the time the champion of the independence of Arborea and in the centuries to follow until today an emblematic figure of Sardinian independence.

THE PROJECT. Mos Maiorum is the heteronym under which hides a group of passionate popularizers of history who chose to start this project of the same name to bring as many people as possible to the discovery and knowledge of history in a simple way, clear, accessible to all and possibly not boring. The project will consist of small books that aim to make the reader curious by discovering (or sometimes rediscovering) persons, events, places and episodes of the history that may seem minor to the appearance, but that they somehow left a mark in that particular period of time, more or less noticeable. That are part of that long intertwined and complex thread that is the history with the capital "H", composed of great events and persons but also small events, women and men misunderstood or almost forgotten.

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Eleonora of Arborea

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