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Emissary of Light

James F. Twyman
pubblicato da Hachette Book Group

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A traveling troubadour discovers the secrets of eternal peace on a journey into war-torn Bosnia in this inspiring and spiritual memoir.

In 1995, James F. Twyman was ready to risk his life to sing a peace concert in Bosnia. But once inside the country devastated by violence, he discovered an extraordinary secret waiting to be revealed. In a secluded mountainous retreat, he met a mystical community known as the Emissaries of Light. Their message to him changed his lifeand has the potential to change the world.

A secret society said to exist for thousands of years, the Emissaries of Light are dedicated to the nourishment of the eternal flame of peace and to the banishment of fear and mistrust from the world. In this fascinating and enlightening memoir, Twyman presents his experience in his own words, inviting everyone to share his new vision for the world in which each of us becomes a peacemaker.

"Twyman shows us that we all have the power to create peace and change the world . . . We are all `Emissaries of Light.' " Marianne Williamson, author of Return to Love

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Emissary of Light

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