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Selected as one of the Finalists in the "2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards!" in the "Reference" category.

Nominated for the "2011 Global EBook Awards" in the "Reference" category.

This is a collection of English idioms, expressions, and phrases, and their meanings, along with sample sentences and the origins of some of these expressions. A number of humorous illustrations and some interesting expressions and proverbs from other languages and cultures have also been included.

Although initially written with foreigners in mind, it is now a useful and fun collection for anyone who speaks English, and will be referred to for many years to come. It's a great gift for a friend, or a fitting addition to your coffee table or office waiting room.

Below are some of the reviews:

In one stop, your book has clarified the definition of many expressions I hear regularly, yet wasn't sure of their real meaning . I found the background and origin information to be very informative, clever, and, at times, very funny! It doesn't matter if you are "One taco short of a combination plate" or a "One-trick pony," you will enjoy this book!

Mark Sutton
San Diego, California
This is a great book to keep in your home, office, or brief case. The descriptions are brief and easy-to-understand, and I wish my Japanese mother had had a copy of it when she was raising me! It is a perfect choice for a gift for people who love to learn idioms.

Amy Smith
San Diego, California
I expect that your readers will benefit greatly by learning the true meaning behind so many common expressions we take for granted... I hope many readers with English as their primary language will take seriously the importance of clarity in thought and speech... Congratulations upon completing a most daunting task, and thank you for allowing me to add my comments.

Dorothy Miller, Literary Consultant
I would imagine this would make a great reference book for individuals who are not as familiar with common phrases. It could also make a good reference for a writer. I found the cartoons to be entertaining and the book to be quite thorough. I do often wonder where certain phrases come from so I would have liked to see more background explanations for the phrases in the book. Other than that, I think this book can be a valuable resource.

Jamie Zewe, Review blogger
Erie, Pennsylvania


Generi Lingue e Dizionari » Dizionari tematici, Enciclopedie e Opere di consultazione

Editore Reza Mashayekhi

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780982773611

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English Idioms And Expressions For Everyone, Yes, Even You!

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