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The end is coming. But how will it arrive?

From alien civilizations bent on human destruction, to demonic incursions from beyond the event horizon, to the dangerous malevolence that lives within us all, Equilibrium Overturned drags you into the heart of darkness to explore brutal personal and worldwide apocalypses and the lives wavering on the brink.

Survive destroyed worlds and terrifying dystopian societies. Experience a prison of the future and the whitewashing of a horrifying past that threatens our very existence. From preventable transgressions, unavoidable doomsdays and personal calamities both near and far, Equilibrium Overturned offers shocking revelations into what life may be like at the end.


THE FINAL TESTIMONY OF MOLLY RYDER by Jeff Hemenway - In the future, prisoners serve their sentences in drug-induced comas. An investigator using a psychic link journeys into the mind of a killer to uncover the details of a murder and reveals terrifying repercussions for humanity.

AMNION by John Everson - A scientist developing a modern day fountain of youth stops at nothing to test his theories. The results of his work have dire consequences for his life and for those closest to him.

MARTIAL LAW by JG Faherty - The United States is thrown into chaos as mysterious invaders attack a small town, turning streets into rivers of blood.

THROUGH THE GHOSTLANDS by Rose Blackthorn - Survivors of a global calamity are searching a dead world for the remnants of civilization are pursued by a menacing supernatural force, requiring them to put their differences aside to ensure survival.

THE COLLECTED SYLVIA, VOLUME 1 TO 1388 by Geoffrey W. Cole - A routine scouting mission to a distant planet maroons a couple on the forbidding alien world. Unwilling to give up hope against terrifying odds, one man goes to terrible lengths to escape.

PERFECT SOLDIERS by S.G. Larner - A terrifying evil from the other side of the veil is gaining momentum by feeding on the hatred and fear of humankind. To battle the onslaught, armies of Earth are forced to resort to unspeakable measures to fight the world's last war.

WOMBIE by Martin Slag - A small-town veterinarian is shocked to learn the species of his newest patient and is shocked when he inadvertently uncovers an unimaginable hidden agenda.

NO-MAN'S LAND by Roger Jackson - A regiment of English soldiers battle the Nazi war machine and are exposed to a horror far more terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

THE ALAMO INCIDENT: FROM THE CHRONICLES OF TIMAEUS SHIELDS by Sean Eads - A man investigating a mysterious force that's been eradicating soldiers stationed at the legendary outpost shines a new light into the darkness of Manifest Destiny.

THE BUTCHER OF GAD STREET by Stephen T. Vessels - Acrid was put on Earth to serve a purpose that alludes him until a citywide cataclysm sparks a dark adventure into the horrifying nature of humankind.

QUEEN OF THERMODYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM by Josh Vogt - A revolutionary believing Death is a cleansing force takes her quest to the wreckage of a derelict intergalactic battleship where she aims to breathe new life into old death.

COMPARTMENTAL by Jay Caselberg - Humans are made up of small bits of knowledge and experience, and when those memories bleed from their mental compartments one man unleashes his personal apocalypse.

THIS IS NOT A HORROR STORY by Tim Waggoner - Living in a surveillance state run amok, a young woman is horrified to learn just how much her government knows about her.

SUNRISE by Tony Knighton - Battling oppression, a healthcare nightmare, black market criminals and environmental collapse, a father faces insurmountable odds to save his dying son at the end of the world.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Horror e gotica » Racconti e antologie letterarie , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » horror e Dark Romance

Editore Grey Matter Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 27/03/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781940658223

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Equilibrium Overturned

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