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The twenty-first century offers more technology than we have ever seen before, but with new updates, and apps coming out all the time, it's hard to keep up.

Essential Office 365 is here to help. Along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photographs, this guide offers specifics in...

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Office Suite

Getting started with Office Online: using Sway, OneDrive, Mail & Calendar

Using Office Apps on your iPad or Android device

Constructing professional looking documents with Microsoft Word

Adding and using graphics, photographs, and clipart

Changing fonts, creating tables, graphs, clipboard, sorting and formatting text, and mail merge

Creating presentations for your lessons, lectures, speeches or business presentations using PowerPoint.

Adding animations and effects to PowerPoint slides

Using 3D and cinematic transitions to spice up your presentations

Using Excel to create spreadsheets that analyse, present and manipulate data

Creating Excel charts, graphs, pivot tables, functions and formulas

The basics of Microsoft Access databases

Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues using Outlook

Maintaining calendars and keeping appointments with Outlook

Taking notes with OneNote and more...

Unlike other books and manuals that assume a computing background not possessed by beginners, Essential Office 365 tackles the fundamentals of Microsoft Office, so that everyone from students, to senior citizens, to home users pressed for time, can understand.

So, if you're looking for an Office manual, a visual book, simplified tutorial, dummies guide, or reference, Essential Office 365 will help you maximize the potential of Microsoft Office to increase your productivity, and help you take advantage of the digital revolution.

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Essential Office 365 Third Edition

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