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Exceeding the Goal

Ph.D John Ricketts
pubblicato da Industrial Press, Inc.

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A manager's instinct is to strive to control everything. That's not just ineffective, it's a practical impossibility. So, where should managers commit finite resources to achieve their enterprise's mission? Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints ("TOC"), introduced in The Goal, is a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop, as most readers can't put that knowledge to use.
Constraints hold organizations in check. Without them, productivity would be easy, and companies could grow without bounds. But in most enterprises, survival and growth are perpetual struggles.
This book is intended to bring a broader understanding of strategy and information to the TOC community while introducing TOC principles to the strategy and information communities. Exceeding the Goal is the book's title because reaching a goal may be sufficient for operations, but it's insufficient for strategy when global competition is intense. Exceeding the goal is the path to extraordinary results.

The author uses his own experiences in manufacturing, research, consulting, software, and strategy as the basis for the book. The "adventures" that are chronicled are true stories about real-life situationssome successful, and others not. Valuable lessons can be learned from both, with the failures serving as invaluable cautionary tales.


Closes the gaps between:

  • Enterprise Strategy and Technical Strategy
  • The Information field and the organization it supports
  • Reading about TOC and actually implementing it.

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Exceeding the Goal

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