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Exit Plan: The Writings of Mass Shooters

Brian Whitney
pubblicato da StrawberryBooks

Prezzo online:

"A chilling and detailed look into the mindset of mass murderers..." - Gil Valle, author of Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD's "Cannibal Cop."

Ruined day trader Mark O. Barton describes to police where they can find the bodies of his wife and children.

Supreme Gentleman (and incel "saint") Elliot Rodger muses about becoming the ruler of the world.

Adam Lanza, perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Massacre, imagines a horde of mewling babies has him trapped in a remote cabin.

Columbine killer Eric Harris keeps an extensive diary, detailing his rage against his schoolmates and the human race, his plans for the upcoming massacre, and his joy at acquiring new weapons.

Binghamton, New York mass murderer Jiverly Wong in broken English shares his delusions of persecution as a "targeted individual" stalked and harassed by the police.

Short stories. Blog and diary entries. Bizarre fantasies. Suicide notes. Lists of favorite movies and music. Threatening letters. Complaints. A one act play.

These are the writings of men and boys (they are all males) who have committed some of the worst peacetime massacres in the world.

Some of the writings are short, raising more questions than they answer. Some are long and compulsively detailed. Some are introspective and insightful. Some are strange and clearly the products of disturbed minds. One or two make little sense at all.

These writers are isolated, broken, lonely. Many of them are angry. Very, very angry. And they want to seek revenge on the people and society who wronged them.

You will be amazed, horrified, and fascinated. You may find the thoughts expressed uncomfortably similar to your own. You may dip into this book each day, entranced by nightmarish acts and deranged flights of fancy. You may stay up late at night, and read the whole thing in one sitting.

All of the writers committed, or attempted to commit, mass murder. All were either gunned down, captured, or killed themselves at the scene of their crimes.

In addition to the ones described above, the writers include:

Dylan Klebold, one half of the team that executed the Columbine Massacre, an event that has inspired other mass killers for over two decades;

Seung Cho, lone perpetrator of the Virginia Tech Massacre;

Richard Farley, who carried his obsession with a young female co-worker much too far;

And more than 20 others.

Check out these brief excerpts:

"Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race..."
- Elliot Rodger

"Films hold enormous power. I believe that costume dramas in particular are a good way to make white people proud of their history and physical beauty. I believe only the most beautiful people should be allowed to act. A beautiful person can make a mediocre film wonderful."
- Dylann Roof

"There is nothing that any of you could have done to prevent this from happening; it was my destiny, and sometimes destiny is a bitch."
- Randy Stair

"My interests include listening to music, watching movies, internet piracy. I mostly have uploaded porno, ebooks, things like that. That has been my only joy in life. I will leave a sign on my profile there for any who wish to see it. Check out what I've uploaded. You may find our tastes are more similar than you realize."
- Christopher Harper Mercer

"Greetings from the dead. You have received this letter after a rather horrendous event."
- Robert Flores

If you are a person who enjoys true crime, and gaining insight into the minds of the people who did it, Exit Plan is for you.


Generi Politica e Società » Problemi e Processi sociali » Violenza nella società » Servizi sociali e Criminologia » Criminalità organizzata

Editore Strawberrybooks

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/12/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005169756

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Exit Plan: The Writings of Mass Shooters

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