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Experience Mumbai

Charles River Editors
pubblicato da Charles River Editors

Prezzo online:

Imagine a place where the red carpets roll out not for Angelinas or Brads, but for Sharukhs, Ishas, or one of the many stars of Bollywood. Imagine a place where extreme poverty coexists with swank clubs, high-class restaurants, and a hotel designed in the spirit of the Taj Mahal. Imagine a place where a local Indian meal with all of its curries, herbs, and vegetables can cost from two to five dollars. Imagine a place where one second youll smell incense burning in the air, and in the very next youll get a whiff rickshaw exhaustor cow or even elephant exhaust, if youre lucky. Imagine a place where perfect people will treat you like family, inviting you to weddings or into their homes, leaving it up to you to decide whether or not to accept or reject their offers of kindness. Imagine a place where anything can happen at any moment a city where chaos blends with order, pollution with beauty, and misery with opulence.Welcome to Mumbai, one of Indias most bustling, populated, action-packed, creative, and absolutely random cities. Located in Western India in the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is a natural destination for travelers who are seeking to get a feel for Indian city life and its environs, as well as for those who are looking to travel to different parts of the country. Experience Mumbai takes readers to Mumbais touristy district and beyond, exposing them to local architecture, art, nature, cuisine, dance, and more in a way that will make a trip to Mumbai an experience unforgettable. Whether youre planning a trip to Mumbai, or looking to learn more about the city, this guide is for you! With almost 30 photographs of places and things Mumbai has to offer, youll learn about the different parts of the city, including: The Gateway of IndiaColabaJuhu BeachMumbais NightlifeThe Elephanta CavesThe Kanheri CavesThe Slums of DharaviMalabar HillAnd moreExperience Mumbai today!


Generi Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Guide turistiche » Asia

Editore Charles River Editors

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/06/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781475312652

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Experience Mumbai

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