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Fables and Parables: From the German of Lessing, Herder, Gellert, Miessner &C, &C

pubblicato da Texianer Verlag

Prezzo online:

This edition of the Fables and Parables has been reset from the original book from 1846 which was published by James Burns in London.The original spelling and grammar have been intentionally retained in order for the reader to get a feel for the culture of the time. As mentioned in the original introduction above, these fables were originally written in German and here translated into English. The editor of this edition came across this little book whilst researching for a translation of Texan history. Such a book would have undoubtedly been read to the family on Sundays and holidays and perhaps accompanied the early pioneer on his travels and daily work. They encourage and amplify the courage and strength which those early immigrants to Texas would have needed in order to be able to survive and prosper.Numbers 1 to 73 were written by Lessing, numbers 96 to 112 by Krummacher.I have added some notes based on information contained in the online encyclopedia for additional information at the end of the book.I hope you enjoy these meaningful tales as much as I have whilst composing this edition.From the original introduction:This little volume contains a selection of Fables and Parables from the German of Lessing, Herder, Krummacher, and othersfew of which have hitherto been placed before the English Publicbut which, when known, can hardly fail to amuse and instruct readers of every class. They possess too a specific value as being the product of the most reflecting people of modern times, and of one whose genius is particularly adapted to this kind of writing. Many of those pieces, and especially the allegorical Parables of Herder, are marked by great beauty of expression; while those of Lessing again, are amongst the best models of the Fable, strictly so called. Profound truths appertaining to the practical conduct of life are throughout.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Poesia

Editore Texianer Verlag

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/05/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463001493

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Fables and Parables: From the German of Lessing, Herder, Gellert, Miessner &C, &C

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