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Sam and Nic Chapman are the expert make-up artists behind the popular YouTube channel Pixiwoo. Providing make-up demonstrations for a wide-range of styles, from everyday specials and costume make-up to classic evening looks and recreation of celebrity looks, Pixiwoo has nearly two million subscribers from across the world.

Now, Sam and Nic Chapman have compiled their extensive knowledge into one book. Fully illustrated, and with a pull-out colour wheel and other extras, Face includes advice, techniques and top tips for your lips, eyes, lashes, brows and skin, and is an incredible guide for how to manage and style each feature best for you. As well as all this, they provide unique insights into finishes, easy-to-follow guides and recommendations for the ideal tools to create the perfect look. Whether you're an absolute beginner, an aspiring make-up artist or are simply looking to try out something new, Face is the book for you.

ALSO INCLUDES an exclusive digital app featuring videos, pictures and helpful tips from Sam and Nic.

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