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The second volume of bestselling author Sheelagh Kelly's acclaimed Yorkshire trilogy

Probyn Kilmaster wants more out of life than to follow his father down the pit. He has always admired his convention-defying Aunt Kit and, inspired by her, runs away to join the army.

On his first foreign posting he meets an older woman who persuades him to have an unofficial wedding ceremony. But the relationship is a disaster and soon Probyn yearns for escape. Narrowly avoiding court martial, he returns to England and makes peace with his family.

But when he marries the young, inexperienced Agnes his family is horrified because she is Catholic. But Probyn stands by his decision and finds happiness - until the `wife' from his youth turns up and throws his world into turmoil

Perfect for readers of Rosie Goodwin, Dilly Court and Maggie Hope.


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Family of the Empire

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