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Fatal Gambit - David Lagercrantz
Fatal Gambit - David Lagercrantz

Fatal Gambit

David Lagercrantz
pubblicato da Quercus

Prezzo online:

Claire Lidman died fourteen years ago.

So why does she appear in the background of a recent holiday snap taken in Venice?

Her husband brings the anomaly to Hans Rekke and Micaela Vargas. Initial scepticism gives way to cautious belief, but Rekke is falling apart again and Vargas has her own problems. Her gangster brother is threatening to silence her if she doesn't get off his case.

Meanwhile, Rekke's daughter Julia has a new boyfriend she's determined to keep secret. He sees something in her she can't see herself, but there are hints of a darker side.

Most troubling of all, Rekke is hearing whispers of a name he hasn't heard for years. A rival from his youth whose restless evil links all the threads in this incipient case. The pieces are laid and he's already one move ahead. The name of the game is revenge.

Translated from the Swedish by Ian Giles

Reviews for Dark Music:

"One Holmes himself would have loved to solve" Independent
"A rich, engrossing novel" Literary Review
"A complex and dark Sherlock Holmesian tale" Irish Independent

Dettagli down

Generi Gialli Noir e Avventura » Thriller e suspence » Gialli, mistery e noir , Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Guide turistiche » Europa , Romanzi e Letterature » Gialli, mistery e noir

Editore Quercus

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 20/08/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781529413274

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Fatal Gambit

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