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Are you brave enough to journey into your deepest, darkest fears? If you do, you just might discover a way to defeat them A spine-tingling mystery adventure series for children aged 7-10

Clowns are coming to******CLOWN YOU UP!

Clown nightmares are no laughing matter when you own a circus, and Buckminster Bandersnatch needs help. But who can he turn to? That's when he sees the ad:

You can't dial 999 when you feel afraid...

But we know it's an emergency for YOU!

So visit FEAR RESCUE now:

With our unique fear technique,

We can help you rescue YOURSELF!

Fear Rescue are fear-readers, with the power to enter your mind and journey deep into your dreams and desires to discover the root of your darkest fears. And Sinister Darkly is an expert in the fear of clowns. Why? Because he's terrified of clowns himself

It's a race against time for Sinister to explore Buckminster's mind, battling the clowns and following the clues to uncover the cause of his nightmares. Because if the nightmares continue, and Buckminster Bandersnatch keeps waking to his own screams -

"Don't clown me!

Don't clown me!

Don't clown me!"

- then one of these mornings Buckminster Bandersnatch is going to lose his mind

Fear Rescue is the first in the Fear Rescue chapter book series for 7-10 year olds.

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Fear Rescue

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