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Feminine Future

Rene Hirsch
pubblicato da Rene Hirsch

Prezzo online:

Victim of domestic violence, a young female biologist develops a product that destroys testosterone. Her success forces her to go into hiding...

Iraq, 2014 - Asherah (8) and her sister Nahid (21) are prisoners of IS. When liberated, their family rejects them because they have been married to IS fighters. To escape prostitution, they decide to marry a man in Tehran.
Tehran, 2031 - Asherah, now a 21-years-old biologist, suffers daily abuses at the hand of her husband. In the laboratory where she works, she develops a product that prevents the production of testosterone. Once, pushed to the limit by her husband, she tries her product on him. It works perfectly. With her sister and a friend, they use the product to help other victims of domestic violence. But their activity is not to the taste of everyone. When her sister is murdered and her friend imprisoned, Asherah decides to leave Tehran.
Paris, 2033 - She joins a group of feminist extremists who spread her product all over the world. Scientists and authorities everywhere try to find out what has caused the drastic changes in men, but to no avail. In the meantime, Asherah and her friend Inanna develop a new product that gives women the power to control the level of testosterone of their male fetuses.
Utah, 2070 - In the new society born out of Asherah's products, gender roles are reversed: women are in charge and men are sex objects. Although domestic violence has been eradicated and the world is at peace, Asherah, now 64, is disappointed with what she sees, for nothing has really changed, only the roles are now distributed differently. But a group of men has gone into hiding and is organizing resistance against the new world order

Three parts:
In the first part, Asherah fights her husband, overpowers him, and gets away with it. However, when she wants to extend her solution to other victims of violence, a new antagonist emerges: men and the authorities who defend the patriarchal structure of their society. These react violently, killing her sister and imprisoning her associate.
In the second part, Asherah takes refuge in France where she joins an extremist feminist movement that expands the scope of her fight and extends it globally. Under the influence of her new friend Inanna, the leader of the group and a passionate activist, Asherah's feminism becomes more radical.
In the third part, Asherah sees that her products have changed the course of history, but while Inanna praises her work, Asherah realizes that the world she has helped create is not what the world she has dreamt of.


Generi Politica e Società » Comunicazione e Media » Radio e televisione , Cinema e Spettacolo » Cinema » Soggetti e sceneggiature » Radio e Televisione » Televisione

Editore Rene Hirsch

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 16/04/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463448779

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Feminine Future

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