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Feng Shui For West Facing Houses - In Period 8 (2004 - 2023)

Dzung Dang Van
pubblicato da Dzung Dang Van

Prezzo online:

* What is the West facing house?
* The forecast for people live in this house;
* Auspicious areas and inauspicious areas of the house;
* The secret information in charts of the flying stars. How the stars works;
* Layout the interior factors as main door, kitchen, bed room, toilet...;
* The harmonic design elements for synchronization of the heaven qi and the earth qi in the West facing house.

It is extremely valuable for you if:
* You are owner of a West facing house.
* You love spending quality time with feng shui to create more benefits or support to avoid afflictions and trouble of health for your relatives.
* You love encouraging the harmony of qi in your home.
* You want ideas for spur of the energy with things you already have at home.
* You are a busy person who doesn't have time to register any direct courses or online about feng shui of home.
* You don't have a huge budget for the service of the feng shui masters.

The book named "Feng shui for West facing houses" is the second book in a book set which includes 8 books about feng shui for the houses of 8 basic directions.
It is utilized from the most basic knowledge and the guarded secrets ideas of the Chinese metaphysics for many centuries. So the book contains the full feng shui intellectuality to perfect for the West facing houses. You can ignore it but regret in the future!

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Feng Shui For West Facing Houses - In Period 8 (2004 - 2023)

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